Elisabeth Nortonauthor | speaker

School Visits

I love talking to students of all ages about poetry. Here are some of the programs I can present.

Ekphrastic Poetry

I introduce students to ekphrastic poetry - poems written in response to visual art. With content tailored to each grade level, I talk about poetic techniques such as rhythm, rhyme, alliteration, assonance, the importance of word choice in poetry, and more. 

Students will see examples of ekphrastic poetry, and identify the correlations between the poems and the visual art that inspired them. Finally, students will write their own poems in response to a variety of visual art prompts.

Write, Revise, Repeat: Techniques for Revising Poetry

In this program aimed at students in grades 5+, I talk about how to revise poetry. With examples from my own poetry, I'll demonstrate how poems change through revision. We'll talk about poetic elements such as repetition, metaphor and simile, and line breaks, and we'll learn about specific techniques that can be used when revising a poem. Students will write their own poem and then practice using the techniques we've talked about to revise it. 

Poetry Anthology Program

I can help your class or school publish an anthology that includes the work created by students in my poetry workshops. Friends and family can buy their own copy at production cost, or as a fund-raiser with profits supporting a class, the school, or the charitable cause of your choosing. 

The anthology program includes: 

  • poetry workshops for the class or classes of your choice
  • additional workshops with each class to help students revise their poems
  • optional: compiling and formatting the anthology for print-on-demand sales

Contact me for more information and a customised quote based on the needs of your class or school.

Poet-in-Residence Program

Would your class or school like to have a series of visits from a poet over the course of a semester or school year? Contact me for a free 20-minute online consultation to discuss how my programs about poetry can support your curriculum goals.