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Educational Writing

These are some of the books and educational materials I've written for publishers around the world.

Yeehoo Press / Phoenix Magazine (US/CHINA)

2021 - ongoing

Material for Phoenix Magazine (for school-aged English language learners in China), including stories, story-related reading comprehension exercises, and poetry.

Redline Editorial (USA) 


Three HiLo (high interest level/low reading level) nonfiction titles for the US school and library market, scheduled for publication in 2023. Written according to series style guidelines and to meet specified ATOS reading levels. Completed manuscripts included glossary, list of "To Learn More" resources, comprehension questions and bibliography.

Megastudy (Korea)


English language learning curriculum for beginning English language learners introducing specific letters of the alphabet and phonetic sounds. 

Kyowon (Korea)

Screenplay adaptations of classic fables. Written to specific criteria including the number of scenes and the  use of key words and phrases.

Multiple lessons in an English language learning curriculum for CEFR level A1 learners, written to specific educational criteria (key phrases, specific word-counts), including fiction and nonfiction texts, dialogues and monologues. Topics included: science, children around the world, caring for pets.

Several screenplay adaptations of classic fairy tales, including song lyrics. Written to specific criteria including number of scenes and the use of key words and phrases.

Two picture books written to specific educational criteria (key word, phrases, word-count) set by the publisher Kyowon for their Doyose series of books designed to teach English as a foreign language.

The Friendly Frog: The fish won't play with Freddie because he has legs, and the squirrels won't play with him because he comes from the pond. Freddie the frog finds an unlikely friend in a robot named Robbie.

John's Two Wishes: When John's friends make fun of him for crying, he wishes he would never cry again. Soon John realizes  his grandfather was right: when his wish came true, John gave up more than his tears.